What It Means to Work for Watsontown Trucking Company

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As trucking companies expand, maintaining employee satisfaction and ensuring drivers have adequate resources to perform their tasks efficiently while preserving work-life balance becomes increasingly challenging. However, at Watsontown Trucking Company, we invest time and effort in developing our team to guarantee each member has what they require to excel in their role. 

The Hiring Process: What to Expect

Many trucking corporations prioritize hiring inexperienced drivers, but we understand the value of both new and veteran drivers. Unfortunately, seasoned drivers are frequently disregarded in favor of those who can be paid lower rates. 

At Watsontown Trucking Company, we strategically blend new hires with drivers with varying experience levels. This approach helps shape the future of trucking by introducing new talent and ensures veteran drivers are acknowledged, supported, and valued. 

Hourly Compensation, Employee Benefits, and Incentives

Truck driving can be demanding, often involving unexpected challenges and setbacks. At Watsontown Trucking Company, we acknowledge this and appreciate the hard work of our drivers by providing competitive hourly pay, robust benefits, and various incentives. We aim to ensure that our drivers are taken care of and valued. 

Safety is our top priority. To ensure this, we have an hourly pay system in place. This allows our drivers to prioritize safety without worrying about their income being affected by delays on the road. We understand that traffic, accidents, and weather can impact travel time. That’s why our dispatchers handle customer updates so that drivers can focus solely on safe and responsible driving. 

At Watsontown Trucking Company, it all starts with our hourly pay structure. We believe in balancing safety and personal well-being for our drivers, valuing their health and families as much as their safety on the road. Our culture prioritizes the idea that we are all sharing the roads and need to return home safely to our loved ones. To support this, we provide comprehensive health, dental, vision, prescription, life, and disability insurance, retirement benefits, paid holidays, and vacation packages. And to make working with us even better, we offer additional perks, such as:

  • Weekly pay

  • Onboarding pay

  • Compensated time off

  • Quarterly safety incentives

  • Recognition bonuses

Overall, our goal is to create a supportive work environment for our employees, allowing them to pursue their interests and feel secure in their abilities. 

If you are seeking a new opportunity in trucking or desire a company that recognizes the challenges you may encounter and is prepared to support you, consider joining Watsontown Trucking Company. We continuously seek talented individuals to join our team and welcome the chance to connect with you. Take a look at our open positions and submit your application today.

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